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A Diamond Age Lexicon

I recently reread The Diamond Age (here is a link to a post on my previous reading). First: I really really like that novel. Second: I was struck by the particular delight in words that Stephenson takes here.  He always … Continue reading

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The Diamond Age

Bang! It’s another Neal Stephenson. This one’s a beautiful melange of cyber and steampunk. Steamberpunk. Cybeampunk. Umm… Anyway…In the not too too distant future, the nation state is dead and gone.  In its place we have ‘phyles’ – a new … Continue reading

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This one came from the library.  I’m a huge Stephenson fan, ever since a friend recommended Anathem.  After devouring that, I borrowed Snowcrash (which is probably my favourite cyberpunk novel, alongside the very different Veniss Underground by Jeff VanderMeer).  Then … Continue reading

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