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Heroes Die

I was lent Matthew Stover’s Heroes Die by a friend on the basis that I like a good action scene.  There are action scenes aplenty in Heroes Die — they’re not as clever as some, not as epic as others, … Continue reading

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I’ve previously read Dan Simmons’ Song of Kali — a dark, sweaty, hopeless horror story set in India.  Hyperion, first volume of the Hyperion Cantos and winner of the Hugo award, is science fiction, but Simmons’ horror bones frequently emerge … Continue reading

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The Common Reader

I’m in the middle of watching a few of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.  They’re really excellently acted, and are tremendous snapshots of subtle, complex, sympathetic and fallible humanity.  I have also just finished reading The Common Reader – a novella … Continue reading

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The Final Empire

What would happen if Francis Fukuyama, author of The End of History, wrote a fantasy novel?  Well, it would probably be a little heavy on the political philosophy side of things, but, setting-wise, it might look a little something like … Continue reading

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