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The Blade Itself

…incites to violence. Or so says Homer, and Joe Abercombie seems to think he might be on to something.  The Blade Itself is Abercombie’s first novel, and the first volume in a series of three (The First Law Trilogy). When … Continue reading

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Miéville was having fun with this one.  In all of his works there’s a little humour, or, at least, an awareness that things can be construed as funny — a little punning here, a little wry existential smile at the … Continue reading

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MiniPost! – Word War Hulk

Written by Greg Pak with art by John Romita Jr, this volume collects the five issues of World War Hulk, a prequel issue, and an issue depicting an alternative reality to what occurred in the actual continuity. In earlier events, … Continue reading

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