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House of Suns

Alastair Reynolds was one of those names I kept seeing in the sci-fi section of book shops (Ian Hamilton was another).  I had a sense they were supposed to be worth reading, but I didn’t really know anything about them. … Continue reading

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Moon over Soho

In a delightful coincidence, Ben Aaronovitch turned up in Sheffield to do a reading just after I finished Rivers of London.  So I went.  He looked nothing like I expected, and had a kind of rambling style full of tangents, … Continue reading

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Fevre Dream

This was borrowed from the library just before I finished Dream Songs.  Jen and I were at the library for a reading by Ben Aaronovitch who was there as part of Sheffield’s Literature Festival — Off the Shelf.  Jen spotted … Continue reading

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Dream Songs – Part 2

This is another random second-hand bookshop purchase.  I’ve been a big fan of the Song of Fire and Ice sequence (or whatever it’s called), but I was convinced that we wouldn’t get another installment after A Feast for Crows (’twas … Continue reading

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The Drawing of the Dark

I hadn’t encountered Tim Powers until a few years ago when a friend lent me Declare, a cold war spy thriller with supernatural elements such as middle eastern djinns. I didn’t like it at all. It could have been that … Continue reading

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Marvel Trading Card Game

This is a version of the Versus System CCG that was quite popular for a number of years (using only cards from the Marvel expansions). The game’s success was due to a number of reasons.  It was based on the … Continue reading

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The Unicorn

I’ve never read a novel by Murdoch before, and after the News of the World debacle I doubt I ever will now. Kidding! So, I’d never read a Murdoch novel before, and this is hardly one of the more famous … Continue reading

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