The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics

Published by Robinson (…who?) and edited by David Kendall, this book collects about 30 stories (with great variance in length) about…WAR.

It starts off strong with Keiji Nakazawa’s ‘I Saw It’, which later gave rise to ‘Barefoot Gen‘.  Using a very simple cartoony style and a plain and equally simple tone, it tells the story of a young boy’s experience of living through the bombing of Hiroshima.  Very powerful and affecting stuff.

The next story is also very strong.  A short satire by Raymond Briggs on the madness of the Falklands War.  Very funny and very sad.

Other highlights includes an episode of Pat Mills’ ‘Charley’s War’, a couple of shorts by Will Eisner, and a two-page retelling of David & Goliath by Eric Drooker.

In addition to these highlights, as well as a number of other great tales, there a few that aren’t particularly interesting narratively or creatively, but which are worthy inclusions nonetheless as representatives of a certain style or historical moment.

Anyway, definitely worth a browse if you ever come across it.

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