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Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games have a long and storied history, and form an important genre within the casual game ouevre.  In them, you play through a series of maps in which a set path leads from a monster spawn point to … Continue reading

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The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics

Published by Robinson (…who?) and edited by David Kendall, this book collects about 30 stories (with great variance in length) about…WAR. It starts off strong with Keiji Nakazawa’s ‘I Saw It’, which later gave rise to ‘Barefoot Gen‘.  Using a … Continue reading

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The Left Hand of God

Written by Paul Hoffman, who’s gone on to write sequels, though I doubt I’ll read them, this novel is set in an alternate universe Europe (It’s unclear exactly where, and the lack of a map is one of my gripes … Continue reading

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Phoenix Wright – Justice for All

I’ve now played all three Pheonix Wright games.  It takes me a long time to finish them (I usually need a sizeable break between cases), so I only have a clear memory of the last two cases of this one.  … Continue reading

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Dragon Quest Heroes – Rocket Slime

I’ve never played any of the Dragon Quest games, but I happened to come across this while I was taking a break from playing Phoenix Wright – Justice for All (i.e., waiting till I could access the net to find … Continue reading

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